Production improvement for the industry

Own manufacture

Quimilock manufactures the TechnoLean product line internaly at he Getafe facilities located in Madrid. Our production lines are equipped with ultimate generation machines, the result of accumulated experience for years in components and tooling necessary for Continuous Improvement.


We have our own production lines, R&D Department and Kaizen Workshop for assembly. All this guarantees that TechnoLean product line complies with Quality Standards for Industry. It must be always on Continuous evolution.

Services to improve industrial production

The Quimilock’s set of components and solutions are the essential tool for those companies that look for a technologic partner in the improvement of its processes.

Workshops with the Hoshin Truck

We adapt Lean tools to all improvement workshops. Our technicians join yours in your workshops. We provide all the material (tubes, roller tracks, guides,…) and all together we finally give a shape to your ideas.

Practical training

In our seminars, theoretical concepts in Continuous Improvement are treated, followed by practices and assemblies of real applications. We offer training in Lean Manufacturing techniques and advice with structural assembly practices.

TechnoLean tubular system applications

Our tubular system is based on the modularity of its elements, which allows to combine them in infinite ways to adapt them to specific needs. You can add wheels, foots, sliding rails by gravity, guides, etc. TechnoLean applications can be classified into four large groups.

Flow Racks

FlowRacks are structures which are used to supply references to assembly processes. Thanks to the TechnoLean system it is possible to create solutions tailored to the needs of any company.


TechnoLean trolleys are adapted to references or tools that they have to move. They are made with low cost and less time than those made starting from designs.


TechnoLean tubular system allows you to create a Workstation on the field. The operator will help you to define your needs in order to make successive improvements until you get to a standard.


The experience obtained in this market over the years shows you that any idea can be taken to the practice with the TechnoLean tubular system. We manufacture structures with a high level of adaptation to the processes of use.

Últimas noticias

    Our clients

    We cannot find a better presentation letter than our own clients. National and International firms, well known brands which trusted and still trust us and our products.

    Partner companies

    We constantly reinforce our innovation and technology by collaborating with companies that together we achieve excellent results.