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Tools for the improvement of industrial production processes

The Kaizen concept appears in the Japanese firms, based on the elimination of non productive tasks, as well as the continuous improvement of the processes. Its philosophy has arrived at all the production lines of the modern industry. The supply chain of the components to the production line has converted itself into a key task in the factories.


It is necessary to have dynamic systems, which allows to make changes, in an easy and fast way. The supply and manufacture of small lots is looked for. The fork lifts and big containers belong to the past.


The aim has always been to proportion process improvement solutions. The experience acquired through the years is a guarantee of success. The Continuous Improvement area was created more than 20 years ago, during this time there has been a great variety of applications for the market. TechnoLean is the essential tool for the application of all these concepts.


Quimilock exclusively manufactures all the components of the TechnoLean system. It is based on a tubular system (tubes, joints, rails, guides,…) which allows the engineers to create required solutions in record time. With no design or engineering costs, no welding and with the great advantage of being reusable components. The return of the investment is guaranteed.

National manufactured elements in our own facilities

The entire range of elements that make up the TechnoLean modular system is manufactured at Quimilock facilities in Getafe located in Madrid. It has 4,600 m2 distributed in different areas: laboratory, offices, conference and training room, meeting room, warehouse, manufacturing and assembly workshop.