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Workshops with the Hoshin truck

Once the change starts, the main goal is to provide the Lean tools to adapt it to its workshops. It is well known what to do, there are ideas to evolve, but it is needed the right tool that allows to realize, in the same moment we conceive an idea, all planned changes. Our technicians join with yours in your workshops. We provide all the material (tubes, roller tracks, guides, …) and all together we finally shape your ideas.

Kaizen application

The TechnoLean’s set of components and solutions are the essential tool for those companies that look for a technologic partner in the improvement of its processes. Tubes, roller tracks, descent guides, joints, castors and other accessory components are manufactured in our production plants, using materials of new generation, achieved thanks to the experience obtained throughout the years.

Practical training

In our seminars, theoretical concepts in Continuous Improvement are treated, followed by practices and assemblies of real applications:

• Training the Lean Manufacturing basics
• Designing solutions
• Practices and assembly of structures examples
• Training at Quimilock’s facilities
• On-site training

Assembly School

Would you like to train your technicians to perform your own internal Kaizen works? Our technical department welcomes your engineers and operators and then they are trained in the rules and assembly techniques and tips.

Series production

This is the most traditional method of work. We deliver the finished product (structures, carts, tables…)
The first step is the design of a prototype. We transform your own ideas and needs into CAD drawings. Once approved and rated, they will be manufactured. Each one of these prototypes has a plate number associated, which will be used as a reference in future fabrications. In the most complex cases, a prototype is manufactured in order to be evaluated in the field.

Pre-assembled kit

This system allows you to finalize TechnoLean structures on your own. The way it works is the same employed in the production of series, with the only difference that your operators will assemble the components or kits. Do not waste time. Leave in our hands the design of the CAD structures. Once validated, we will be ready to deliver the whole components required for the assembly.

TechnoLean bulk components

In those cases where your technicians are well trained and experienced in the conception and assembly of TechnoLean tubular structures, you will be able to do your internal Kaizens.


The material is delivered just in time. We can’t forget the fact that TechnoLean is the tool employed both for daily changes and for your Continuous Improvement projects.